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New 200x50 animated banner [ Tuesday 05/17/05 8:20am]


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3 sigs [ Sunday 05/15/05 6:04pm]


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JUDGEMENT DAY PREVIEW [ Friday 05/13/05 7:51am]


Ever since John Cena defeated JBL at WrestleMania 21, the former WWE Champion has had a hard time coming to grips with his defeat.

JBL, after all, held the coveted championship for nearly 10 months. So he watched in horror as the young and talented Cena became a first-time WWE Champion and then had the audacity to alter the WWE Championship to reflect his hip-hop persona.

JBL has even gone as far as to continue to wear the old WWE Championship in recent weeks. But now, at Judgment Day, JBL can do something about it.

JBL outlasted Kurt Angle, Booker T and Big Show in a Fatal Fourway to emerge as the winner of the WWE Championship Series. So Cena's first WWE Championship defense will come against the same Superstar he took it from.

Cena, who has grown tired of JBL's constant verbal jabs, finally proposed an "I Quit" Match for Judgment Day. A brutal match where the only way to claim victory is to make your opponent utter the phrase "I Quit."

For his part, JBL claims he went through hell and back to get and retain the WWE Championship for more than nine months, so there's no way he's going to quit at Judgment Day and lose this opportunity.

Meanwhile, at the May 12 SmackDown!, JBL and Cena had to be restrained by nearly the entire lockerroom as they brawled. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Can Cena retain his WWE Championship, or will a wise veteran like JBL find a way to take back the championship and retire Cena's lavish spinner belt? Don't miss Judgment Day to get all of the answers.
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BUTTON / BLINKIE MAKING COMPETITION [ Wednesday 05/11/05 11:50am]

Also would like to hear from anyone who wants to make a button for the site. I will be accepting submissions until the end of June and will sort out some kind of Cena-related prize for my favourite one. Just send them in to sam@jcena.com with the subject line of BUTTON COMPETITION. This is important. I shall upload all buttons I use on site and credit those people. Then the winner will be announced on 30th June 2005 or thereabouts. Static and animated banners are both fine, be creative and think different.... and good luck.
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New Forum Signature [ Wednesday 05/11/05 9:31am]

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New sig [ Tuesday 05/3/05 10:51am]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Cena CD Promotion & more [ Tuesday 05/3/05 7:37am]

WWE Champion John Cena recently appeared in Mitford, CT to promote his new CD. Cena was said to be very friendly toward all of his fans and stayed an extra hour to meet and greet. The attendance was said to be well over 1,000 for Cena. Fans were reminder several times to purchase John Cena's hip-hop CD when it is released on May 10 and urged the fans to call local radio stations and request his songs.

WWE.com has a page where you are encouraged to send your freestyle rhymes, art work, or photos of John Cena to the company. It's not very clear what they plan to do with the content, if anything, but it's a neat concept either way.

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Christian's BACKLASH 'Rap' [ Tuesday 05/3/05 7:35am]

Just prior to the main event of Backlash, Christian came to the ring to talk about his own main event status, the upcoming WWE Draft Lottery, John Cena and more. Rather than simply taking about these topics, however, Christian rapped his thoughts. Here’s what he had to say:

On RAW, you’ve got Batista with muscles to spare
But he’s got charisma, like Tomko’s got hair.

You got Triple H and Ric Flair, their legend still grows
26 titles between them, and the world’s biggest nose.

Have you heard the one about JBL, you know the rich guy on SmackDown!?
Well I hear his taxes are still soaring
But he’s no wrestling God, just a God of boring.

Seems to me I’m forgetting somebody…who am I forgetting?
Oh yeah, he’s the guy that inspired this little rap, the WWE Champion John Cena.
Well I got a little something for him

You wanna hear it? Well it goes a little something like this.

Hey Cena, you think I’m jealous of your fortune and fame
Well you talk like Snoop Dogg, but you look like Corey Haim
So after the draft, whether it’s RAW or SmackDown!, JR or Michael Cole
I will be champion, cuz THAT’S HOW I ROLL!
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WWE Smackdown! *Spoilers* (4/26/05) - Birmingham, England [ Thursday 04/28/05 3:44pm]

Report by: Steve Hermon, rajah.com reader

John Cena vs Renee Dupree

Renee is on mike slagging off England and bigging up France.. Shut up!
You’re from Canada!

John Cena comes out.. hits his usual spots… “You Can’t See Me”… Pump it
up.. FU, Bye bye through the crowd without the belt!

Added Note: Cena didnt look comfortable going through the crowd to me!…
That Belt sucks!!! Tacky as hell! He’s ruined the tradition! US Belt fine!
But not the big one!… Also, funny bit… He Threw is shirt in to crowd at
start and a rumble ensued over it with Dad’s fighting to get it for their
son!! HA HA!… Also, a few Cena Sucks chants by adult fans went round but
were drowned out by the kids!


John Cena got a really mixed response during his merchandise promos, which was very surprising to me, as I thought he would’ve got one of the biggest pops of the night, no matter what he did. But once inside the arena, he got a massive pop, which shows how strange UK fans are. Carlito also got a big pop at the beginning of the Cabana.
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BRIEF SMACKDOWN SPOILERS [ Wednesday 04/27/05 7:52am]

WWE champion John Cena will be the guest on Carlito’s Cabana, plus will face off against Renee Dupree... (taped Tuesday night in the UK).
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Woo new pictures over at the pics blog [ Monday 04/25/05 7:51am]

So check them out...... other than that the man turned 28 on Saturday (nice).
Results from 21/4/05 Dublin, Ireland
Main Event for the Heavy Weight Championship

JBL with Orlando Jordan Vs John Cena

JBL comes out to a very mixed reaction. JBL throws out the insults telling us our
women are ugly, rugby is gay and England is a much better place to be. Lot of cheap
heat right there. JBL demands Teddy come out and make him the rightful owner of the
belt. Teddy comes out and says were going to have a replay of wrestle mania with JBL
taking on Cena tonight for the title. Cena then comes out sporting that terrible new
version of the title. Much better than their Wrestle mania encounter. Much more
chemistry going on and overall an enjoyable match. I?m not a fan of Cena or JBL that
much but both put on an entertaining match. Cena goes for a ten punch at the
turnbuckle. Crowd only gets to 2 before JBL drills him with a high power bomb. Nice
spots including power slam off the top rope and nice superplex. Again all spots
featured and a teaser clothesline from hell. Finish comes with ref being knocked
down and JBL going for a chair. Cena in the corner sends the chair crashing of JBL?s
head. FU onto the chair! Ref recovers. 1-2-3.

Winner and still champ ? John Cena

Cena then thanks us for coming out and commends us for being fans and what not.

If anyone go to go to this or any of the other shows I'd love to hear about it.
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New John Cena Community! [ Friday 04/22/05 8:41pm]

New John Cena community, _johncenadaily - where fans can share all their Cena eye candy!
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WOOOO - NEW URL IS LIVE BABEE! [ Friday 04/22/05 11:41am]

The new site url (http://www.jcena.com) is now thankfully live so please feel free to check it out. I'd love if people have anything they would like to contribute to it - full credit will be given with your name and the url of your journal/community or website as applicable. Also looking for more Cena related websites to affiliate with so post any suggestions up on site or mail me. It would be much appreciated.
Also what do people think about Cena facing JBL in the I QUIT match @ Judgement Day?
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SMACKDOWN ROUNDUP [ Friday 04/22/05 8:03am]

APRIL 22nd 2005

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us John Cena won’t know who his first WWE Championship defense will be against until next week.
But it might not matter.
Cena looked stronger than ever in dispatching of United States Champion Orlando Jordan in a Champion vs. Champion Match at Madison Square Garden in New York Thursday.
Not only did Cena defeat Jordan, he overcame pesky interference from both Doug & Danny Basham to emerge victorious.

Now we know that in reality John will be defending the title against JBL in an I GUIT matc - how do other people feel about this?

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[ Thursday 04/21/05 2:09pm]

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WELCOME TO THE CHAIN GANG [ Thursday 04/21/05 12:05pm]

This LJ Community will be in place of a traditional message forum here @ JCena.com. It's simple - you sign up for your own FREE LJ a/c, then whenever you update your journal you have the option to post in here! You can also comment on the posts of others by using the 'comment' link underneath the posts so it does work as a message forum also and people can interact with each other :) Hope you guys like it :) Feel free to post pictures etc too, basically use this community in any way you wish, but keep it primarily Cena-related where poss okay? To sign up now for your own free LJ a/c CLICK HERE.
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