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Ever since John Cena defeated JBL at WrestleMania 21, the former WWE Champion has had a hard time coming to grips with his defeat.

JBL, after all, held the coveted championship for nearly 10 months. So he watched in horror as the young and talented Cena became a first-time WWE Champion and then had the audacity to alter the WWE Championship to reflect his hip-hop persona.

JBL has even gone as far as to continue to wear the old WWE Championship in recent weeks. But now, at Judgment Day, JBL can do something about it.

JBL outlasted Kurt Angle, Booker T and Big Show in a Fatal Fourway to emerge as the winner of the WWE Championship Series. So Cena's first WWE Championship defense will come against the same Superstar he took it from.

Cena, who has grown tired of JBL's constant verbal jabs, finally proposed an "I Quit" Match for Judgment Day. A brutal match where the only way to claim victory is to make your opponent utter the phrase "I Quit."

For his part, JBL claims he went through hell and back to get and retain the WWE Championship for more than nine months, so there's no way he's going to quit at Judgment Day and lose this opportunity.

Meanwhile, at the May 12 SmackDown!, JBL and Cena had to be restrained by nearly the entire lockerroom as they brawled. WATCH: 56k | 300k

Can Cena retain his WWE Championship, or will a wise veteran like JBL find a way to take back the championship and retire Cena's lavish spinner belt? Don't miss Judgment Day to get all of the answers.
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