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Woo new pictures over at the pics blog

So check them out...... other than that the man turned 28 on Saturday (nice).
Results from 21/4/05 Dublin, Ireland
Main Event for the Heavy Weight Championship

JBL with Orlando Jordan Vs John Cena

JBL comes out to a very mixed reaction. JBL throws out the insults telling us our
women are ugly, rugby is gay and England is a much better place to be. Lot of cheap
heat right there. JBL demands Teddy come out and make him the rightful owner of the
belt. Teddy comes out and says were going to have a replay of wrestle mania with JBL
taking on Cena tonight for the title. Cena then comes out sporting that terrible new
version of the title. Much better than their Wrestle mania encounter. Much more
chemistry going on and overall an enjoyable match. I?m not a fan of Cena or JBL that
much but both put on an entertaining match. Cena goes for a ten punch at the
turnbuckle. Crowd only gets to 2 before JBL drills him with a high power bomb. Nice
spots including power slam off the top rope and nice superplex. Again all spots
featured and a teaser clothesline from hell. Finish comes with ref being knocked
down and JBL going for a chair. Cena in the corner sends the chair crashing of JBL?s
head. FU onto the chair! Ref recovers. 1-2-3.

Winner and still champ ? John Cena

Cena then thanks us for coming out and commends us for being fans and what not.

If anyone go to go to this or any of the other shows I'd love to hear about it.
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